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Octopus, Ink. Children's Entertainment


It’s “clown magic” without the clown. Just a normal looking guy being amazing (a cup of water magically disappears!) and silly (the vanished water ends up on the magician’s head)! Get ready for a room full of astonished and laughing children.

Children too old for “clown magic?” How about a magic workshop? A group of children plus a handful of everyday items plus a bit of instruction equals a room full of budding magicians.

$100 for a 30 minute show
$150 for a 60 minute show

Balloon Twisting

Whether it walks or crawls or climbs or hops or slithers or swims or blooms or is simply an inanimate object, it can probably be twisted out of balloons. What child - or adult for that matter - does not thoroughly enjoy watching a balloon twister in action?

Looking for unique event decorations? Something to consider.... Twisted balloons look wonderful as centerpieces at luncheons, fundraising dinners, wedding receptions, baby showers, etc.

$100 for 60 minutes
$75 for each additional hour


A balloon twister/magician working solely for tips may be just the right fit for your restaurant, festival, farmer's market, etc. What a wonderful way to provide entertainment without having to tap into the budget.

Birthday Party Special!

Save with our birthday party special!  One hour of magic and one hour of balloon twisting for $200! Provide a unique birthday party experience your child will always remember.